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SuperSmooth Laser Marking

Metal Craft, a leading contract manufacturer of precision parts for the medical device industry recently put into production two LNA LASF Series fiber laser marking systems using our new SuperSmooth rotary laser marking technology.

Typical laser marking of cylindrical parts is done by covering a 10-15 degree angle, rotate the part and repeat until the full circumference of the mark is complete. This can result in voids, overlaps and indexing lines within the finished mark. Additionally, as the laser beam reaches the edges of the scan, it is slightly out of focus resulting in a mark with potential intensity variations. Jon Hillstrom, Finishing and Laser Marking Lead of Metal Craft added, “Our existing laser marking systems being ten years old, were not capable of the quality and accuracy required to meet our customers’ needs.”

LNA Laser, working with Metal Craft’s engineers, pioneered the SuperSmooth spindle laser marking technique. This new feature allows the graphic or text is to be marked at a constant spindle speed where each line is marked at the precise laser focal point. This ‘Turn and Burn’ technique results in seamless marks with each laser pulse delivered at the ideal focus for incredibly high resolution, consistency and accuracy.

This development is of particular importance for instruments and devices requiring high contrast graduations, regardless of the substrate’s composition, e.g. metal, plastic, etc. It has also been shown to have esthetic value in creating intricate patterns for decorative or jewelry applications.