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LASC-40 CO2 OEM Laser Marker


LNA Laser is pleased to announce our latest laser etching and laser engraving system, The LAS-CO2. CO2 lasers are the laser of choice for marking organic materials such as, wood, leather, cardboard and other packaging materials, coated metals, glass and many plastics. The LAS-CO2 is an industrially designed system in an all-in-one aluminum and steel package. It includes a 30 Watt air-cooled sealed laser source, integrated control hardware, power supplies, beam delivery optics, red aiming beam and high speed, high precision galvo scanning head.

The LNA marking software is intuitive with a powerful variety of features. You can import a wide range of image files-vector or raster. It has its own text editor and the ability to generate one-D or two-D barcodes with serialization. The system can be manually operated or integrated into factory controls through, serial, digital I/O or PLC.

This OEM marker package consists of the following:

  • 40 watt sealed CO2 laser source featuring:
    Pure ceramic cavity preventing contamination and leaks
    Enhanced laser stability based on the shortest folded resonator package in its class
    RF excitation providing quick rise and fall times
    Output power adjustability from <1% to max
    Lifetime gas fill
    Embedded Industrial Computer and software
    Integrated Scan head w/ 4.5” x 4.5” marking field

Parameter Specification
Wavelength 10.6 µm
Optical Output Power 30 Watts
Power Stability ±5%
Mode Quality (M2) <1.2
Beam Size 1.8 mm
Beam Divergence 7.5 mrad
Polarization >100 to 1
Operating Frequency 0 to 25 kHz
Duty Cycle 0 to 100% DC
Cooling Air