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Laser Marking Dental Instruments

The market leading manufacturer of dental and medical instruments uses multiple LNA Laser systems for marking their parts. The video shows laser marking of plastic and metal instruments.

In 2014, the FDA initiated a unique device identification (UDI) system to properly identify medical devices through their distribution and use. When fully implemented, the label of most devices will include a UDI in human- and machine-readable form. Medical device manufacturers will have to mark 100% of products which are implanted in the body, surgical tools, catheters and other minimally invasive instruments.

Lasers are ideal where they provide a permanent mark, no disturbance of the surface such that it remains smooth and can mark virtually all materials – plastics, metals and even silicone based products. Generally, marking is the final step in the manufacturing process when the part has its highest value. Industrial laser marking systems from LNA are used extensively due to their zero defect marking and high reliability. Systems are available which do batch processing where a tray of parts are manually loaded into the workstation, integrated onto conveyors for mark on the fly applications and highly automated systems using robots and machine vision.