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Welcome to the season of trick or treat and cheers or boos. We are happy to let you know that it will be all treats and cheers when you use our products! But to give you a look at why there are tricks and boos associated with Halloween, here are some weird facts:

1. Mumming. Yes, it’s a real word and it refers to a dance popular in Europe. You can stlll see Mummer Dancing performed. The weird connection is that the Mummers used to go door to door and dance for treats. So it is associated with going door to door in costume for treats today.

2. We can thank the Irish for bringing the tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns with them when they migrated to America. But they were not lit up in the ancient times. They were filled with candy and hung outside to appease the ghosts that show up on Samhain, a festival for the dead. It is not connected to any type of god of the dead, as has been stated over time. Samhain is right between the summer and fall equinox so it celebrates the harvest and welcomes any spirits that show up.

3. Another Irish tradition was to play fortune telling games on Halloween to find your soul mate. If you want to try it, ask what company is best suited to meet your laser marking needs. We are sure the cards will point our way.

4. A really weird fact is that some animal shelters will not adopt out black cats at this time of the year, fearing the old tradition of sacrifice on All Hallow’s Eve.

Hope you enjoy this Halloween trivia!