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Automatic Sheet Feed

The LNA Laser, Automatic Sheet Feeder or ASF Series, provides laser cutting in a compact, table top workstation.  The ASF series is quite powerful and flexible.  The series can perform laser cutting, marking and deep laser engraving, all within a single project.  The laser beam is tightly focused onto the target, by the f-theta lens of the galvo scanner.  With the galvo scan head, any complex shape can be cut or laser marked.

The system features a pneumatic sheet feed and tensioning stage to eliminate any warp or bow in the substrate.  The ASF is fully automatic and can be set up for long term, unattended operation.  This series is in use in 24/7 manufacturing environments where the only operator intervention required, is the reloading of the spool.

Focusing onto the part couldn’t be easier with our integrated red beam focusing aid.  Simply adjust the z-axis to position the dot in the box.

The software is intuitive with a powerful variety of features.  The system can be integrated into your factory controls through, serial, digital I/O or PLC.

Whatever your application may require, LNA has a tailored solution for you.