LNA adds new MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) series laser marking product line

In addition to LNA’s LASF series industrial line of pulsed fiber laser marking systems, we are excited to introduce the addition of our new LASF-M series MOPA fiber laser marker product line. Offering the same performance as our industry benchmark LASF series, the LASF-M offers a wide range of pulse width settings in order to meet the needs of specific material and marking application requirements such as some plastics, copper and more. The LASF-M series MOPA Fiber Laser Markers are offered in 10, 20 and 30 watt models.

US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez visits LNA Laser Technology

US Representitive David Cicilline hosted U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez at LNA Laser & Gold Machinery’s facility in Pawtucket, RI on Friday, April 24th for a roundtable discussion on paid leave, part of the #LeadOnLeave tour.Also in attendance was US Senator Jack Reed, Congressman Jim Langevin, RI State Senator Gayle Goldin, RI Dept. of Labor & Training Director Scott Jense, Rhode Island AFL-CIO President George Nee and District 1199 SEIU Executive Vice President Patrick Quinn.

LNA Laser President Dan Gold gave a tour of the facility to Secretary Perez and the other Congressional Guests. He also spoke about the state and local economy and answered questions.

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RI’s LNA Laser Visit by Sen. Jack Reed, Pawt. Mayor Grebien, Secretary of State Gorbea

LNA Laser Technology in Pawtucket, RI was visited in October 2014 by Senator Jack Reed, Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea, Pawtucket Mayor Don Grebien, and Representative Carlos Tobon, seen photographed with LNA Laser President Daniel R. Gold.

Canadian Industrial Machinery: Setting The Mark

Laser marking technology offers typically desired process benefits of high speed, high contrast, permanent markings, flexible integration, flexibility for part variations such as curved or non-uniform surfaces, non-contact, high quality and essentially maintenance free. Laser marking and engraving is one of the largest laser application segments in terms of units sold to manufacturing industries worldwide. Almost all items manufactured today need to be marked for traceability or branding, and the process is used across a range of industries: medical device, automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, semiconductor, industrial tools, firearms, secure ID such as drivers’ licenses and passports, and jewelry.Full Article Link

Manufacturing Engineering – Laser Focus Special Edition


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LNA Laser on Display at IMTS (International Machine Tool Show) Sept 2014 Chicago, IL USA - Booth #N-6322

imtscomingsoonWe are extremely encouraged by the positive global manufacturing outlook and that many companies are investing again in growth. LNA specializes in turnkey and OEM laser solutions for manufacturing. Applications include laser marking / traceability, cutting and welding.We look forward to seeing you at the International Machine Tool Show in September 2014 to work with you towards the best solution for your laser processing needs.

FABTECH 2013 SME Booth

1386078925576In addition to spending time in the Industrial Laser Solutions booth, I also spent time in the main SME booth. The SME is one of the organizing entities of Fabtech, and its booth is also front and center so that anyone entering the North Hall pretty much has to pass by it. The photo above shows one of the hardest working guys at the show: Dan Gold from LNA Laser in Rhode Island. Dan had a fiber laser marking system in the SME booth, and I do not recall a time when there was not a line of people waiting to have their name marked on an LED flashlight, bottle opener, or some other give away….. Read More

LNA Laser on Display at IMTS (International Machine Tool Show) Sept 2012 Chicago, IL USA


The use of lasers to mark surgical instruments has become of greater significance, however, the parameters used in these applications are not always fully appreciated. The medical industry, in particular, has utilized laser technology primarily to mark, weld, and cut medical devices for years. Lasers address the need for microscopic applications: to cut widths measurable in microns, spot welds with heat affected zones barely visible to the unaided eye, and highly resolved biocompatible markings that enable traceability of instruments and implants. In common with other industries, medical devices and pharmaceutical businesses turn to lasers for a one-step, fast, flexible, permanent, and a highly automated marking process…. Read More

Marking and Engraving when less is more

Marking lasers are now a fundamental tool in most manufacuring industries, CO2 lasers are typically employed when simple thermal continuous wave interaction between laser and material to be marked is required… Read More

Color Marking

High-contrast and decorative effects can be achieved in color on plastics and metals using Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 laser… Read More