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Laser Marking Systems & Accessories

Fiber Laser Marking Systemnew1

Fiber lasers are the laser of choice in most industrial laser marking systems.  They offer average powers in the range of 10-50 Watts, exhibit exceptional beam quality and offer superior energy efficiency (wall plug to laser optical power output).  LNA Laser’s LASF series are complete turn-key solutions for use in virtually any industry which requires high speed permanent coding and marking.  Read More…

DPSS Laser Marking System  

For applications which are satisfied with 2 Watts of average power, the Model MP2 from LNA is the ideal choice.  It features an “All-in-One” construction where the laser and galvo scanner are fully integrated.  It measures a compact 11″ x 6″ x 6″ and is the system of choice where marking speed is low to moderate.  Read More…

CO2 Laser Marking System new2

The long, 10.6 µm wavelength of CO2 lasers make them ideal for processing organic materials such as leather, wood and cardboard.  LNA Laser’s model LAS-CO2 features “All-in-One” construction, is air-cooled and provides 30 Watts of average power.  The duty cycle is adjustable for 0-100% and pulse rate is variable from 0-25 kHz.  Read More…

Direct Diode Laser Marking System 

LNA Laser’s model MP-Dots, direct diode laser marking system was designed for use in high speed packaging lines.  The system has been employed on food packaging, pharmaceutical, beverage and personal care product lines.  The diode array provides marking at speeds of 180m/min (590ft/min).  Read More…

Laser Marking Accessories 

LNA offers a vast array of accessories to greatly extend the versatility of an LNA Laser industrial marking system.  Accessories include rotary indexer for marking of tubular or cylindrical parts, mobile base, fume extractor, power conditioner, X-Y linear motion stage for processing large or multiple parts…Read More…

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About Us

LNA was established as a pioneer in the introduction of industrial grade Solid State Diode Laser technology for manufacturing. With over 20 years experience, LNA has since been dedicated to supplying cutting edge laser technology (fiber and diode), and support throughout the Americas and internationally. LNA laser applications include marking, cutting, welding and more for all manufacturing industries.

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