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The “All-in-One” DPSS Laser Marking System

The MP2, All-in-One DPSS laser marking system is an entry level marker where throughput isn’t critical.  The system includes everything you need – laser, galvanometer (laser beam scanning optics), control electronics and marking software.  Simply load the software onto your PC, plug the system in and you are ready to make your mark.

Diode Pumped, Solid State (DPSS) lasers were first reported back in 1964. Laser diodes are used to optically pump a laser crystal, typically Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) or Neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate (Nd:YVO4) commonly called ‘vanadate’ lasers. These are pulsed lasers with a few nanosecond pulse duration and typically operate in the tens of kilo-Hertz pulse repetition rates. They exhibit very good beam quality, near diffraction limited which is to say they can be tightly focused onto the substrate for high resolution marking.


The system is incredibly compact, measuring less than 11″ x 6″ x 6″.  It is suited for marking plastics, anodized aluminum and hard metals such as titanium, stainless steel and carbides.

Laser Parameters:

Pulse Width ~3 ns
Pulse Energy 80 µJ
Peak Power 30 kW
Beam Quality <1.5 M2
Wavelength 1064 nm (infrared)
Aiming Beam 635 nm (Red)
Voltage 24 Vdc / 6 A

Marking Parameters (all dimensions in mm)

Focal Length 100 100 160 160
Objective Diameter 85 39 85 39
Focal Distance 100 117 178 178
Marking Area 60×60 50×50 120×120 100×100
DPSS Laser Marking Examples

DPSS Laser Marking Examples

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LNA was established as a pioneer in the introduction of industrial grade Solid State Diode Laser technology for manufacturing. With over 15 years experience, LNA has since been dedicated to supplying cutting edge laser technology (fiber and diode), and support throughout the Americas and internationally. LNA laser applications include marking, cutting, welding and more for all manufacturing industries.

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