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MP-Dots04MP-Dots – Direct Diode Marking System for the Packaging Industry

Do you have a high speed packaging line that requires a laser marking system which can keep up?  Is zero maintenance and uninterrupted 24/7 operation important in your production?  The MP Dots direct diode laser marking system is ideal for you. Diode lasers are all solid state, with no moving parts and provide extremely high average power.  Our 400 Watt system can deliver incredible marking speeds of 180m/min (590ft/min).  The system requires no maintenance with an expected lifetime of over 100,000 hours. Dedicated to demanding packaging production lines, the system pays for itself in as little as 18 months.  Compared to Continuous Ink-Jet (CIJ) printing, the M-Dots platform offers permanent marking and the following cost of ownership advantages:

  • Cost for each code printed
  • Costs of consumables
  • Costs of maintenance
  • Labor costs
  • Energy costs
  • Costs related to the management of the product or system
  • Efficiency costs and production downtime
  • No volatile solvents used – environmentally responsible
  • Can be operated in any orientation

Food packaging

MP-DOTS marks clear and permanent codes on a wide variety of food products, from snack foods to dairy, fresh food to frozen, and single-serve to food service packs, shift after shift.

Pharmaceutical packaging

MP-DOTS offers the highest quality codes on blister-packs, bottles, labels, tubes, cartons and cases; providing the right solutions to comply with the pharmaceutical standards.

Beverage packaging

From water to wine, from spirits to beer and soft drinks, all can be coded using MP-DOTS. Whether you code on label or cardboard, MP-DOTS can do the job.

Personal care packaging

Discrete, accurate and high quality codes are available with MP-DOTS. Perfect marks for those who are beautifully groomed.


MP-Dots Technical Specifications

Average Power 400W (57W per Channel)
Pulse Duation 10us up to CW Pulse Width
Focus on Target 100um Spot Diameter
Laser Wavelength 970 nm
Focal Length 38mm
Mark Region 7×5 matrix dot character
Fiber Cable Length 5m

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About Us

LNA was established as a pioneer in the introduction of industrial grade Solid State Diode Laser technology for manufacturing. With over 15 years experience, LNA has since been dedicated to supplying cutting edge laser technology (fiber and diode), and support throughout the Americas and internationally. LNA laser applications include marking, cutting, welding and more for all manufacturing industries.

Industries Served

  • -Automotive Mfg
  • -Aerospace Mfg
  • -Medical Device Mfg
  • -Electronics Mfg
  • -Semiconductor Mfg
  • -General Industrial Mfg
  • -Jewelry Mfg
  • -Firearms Mfg
  • -Secure ID/Financial Card Mfg